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EPC USA provides members with cutting-edge IT and security solutions through their partners like Arctic Wolf, FireEye, and SecurityScorecard.

Arctic Wolf was founded not just to make cybersecurity better, but to redefine it. Co-founders Brian NeSmith and Kim Tremblay realized that cybercriminals were innovating faster than the industry, and so a fundamentally new approach was needed. The answer to better cybersecurity is not buying and deploying the newest silver bullet solution but developing a complete program that can adapt to the ever-changing security landscape. Arctic Wolf partners with companies to do this by delivering a unique SOC-as-a-service that is tailored to fit exactly what each customer needs.

FireEye is a trusted cyber security leader that deliversa proven protection before, during, and after advanced attacks.  Organizations across various industries trust FireEye to secure their critical infrastructure and valuable assets, protect intellectual property, and avoid bad press, costly fixes, and downtime.

SecurityScorecard provides the most accurate rating of security risk for any organization worldwide. The platform uses non-intrusive proprietary data collection methods and trusted commercial and open-source threat feeds to quantitatively evaluate the cybersecurity posture of more than one million enterprises globally.

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Arctic Wolf



Arctic Wolf Cyber SIEM Solutions

Safeguarding patient health information and protecting hospital infrastructure is a huge burden for our rural members to manage. And, don’t forget the compliance component. Through a new relationship with EPC USA and Arctic Wolf, WHA members no longer need to carry this burden alone.

EPC USA and Arctic Wolf help you safeguard patient health information and protect hospital infrastructure.

  • Concierge Security Team™
  • Advanced Threat Detection
  • Security Incident and Crisis Support
  • Log Search
  • Cloud Monitoring
  • Compliance

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FireEye Cyber Attack Protection

We are well aware that cybercriminals use the Web to target your facility and your community. The increasing digitization of patient health records and under-funding of network security are putting healthcare organizations at risk. Western Healthcare Alliance (WHA) is dedicated to ensuring you are protected and saving money.

WHA has partnered with EPC USA and FireEye, experts who have front line experience analyzing environments for everyday threats and battling breaches that might otherwise make headlines.

The FireEye Network is designed to stop drive-by downloads and blended Web and email attacks. It also offers a defense against infections that take place outside the network. With a continuous monitoring service, they proactively hunt for threats in your environment and instantly help respond to incidents. Their products and services include a state-of-the-art virtual machine technology that responds to threats in real time.

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SecurityScorecard Monitor Cybersecurity Resiliency

While the overall security profile of the healthcare industry has improved over the last year, we’re still not without threats. To effectively combat risk, you must have continuous visibility into your ecosystem’s cybersecurity posture. Through a new relationship with EPC USA and SecurityScorecard, you now have help to manage this burden. SecurityScorecard provides the most accurate rating of security risk for any organization worldwide.

SecurityScorecard offers complete visitlity into third-party risk:

  • Continuously monitor the cybersecurity health of your vendors today.
  • Identify the security profile of all of your vendors and business partners.
  • Leverage the breadth of data across 10 risk factor groups.
  • Clearly understand cybersecurity posture.
  • Send and manage security questionnaires to your vendors and automatically validate them against industry best practices and compliance frameworks.

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