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It was probably because at that very moment, I watched the first of the Twin Towers fall and knew that in addition to the regular fears of being a new parent, I would be raising the baby now safely tucked in my tummy in a world where something like this could happen. Read More.

Be Strong and Courageous

Hospital CEOs carry the pain that making the right decision to preserve the cash flow will mean severing an employee from their livelihood – or maybe a hundred employees. No one in their small town will remain untouched by this. Read More.


Hospitals are counting on their communities.  We count on them to see our value.  We depend on them like we depend on life-saving personal protective equipment.  While we’re counting, we know the community is too. Read More.

Videos & Podcasts

CCA Executive Director Sharma Vaughn on KAFM: Pandemic in rural areas Pioneers Medical Center CCO Marjorie Joy on the partnership with WHA Community Hospital CEO Chris Thomas on the value WHA brings