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WHA In-house Services

Western Healthcare Alliance (WHA) is committed to keeping rural healthcare alive and sustainable. Often-times our members have needs that don’t fit the mold for a partnership with another entity. When this happens, WHA is well-positioned to build an in-house program to help members. These services are staffed and managed by WHA.

Leadership Academy

“It has been a most excellent investment of my time!”

– Jeanne B. Stough, MS., EP, Aspen Valley Hospital

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Effective leadership training.

It can be challenging to ensure quality training for healthcare leaders in our rural communities. Often times staff will have to travel far for expensive classes while managing their very busy schedules. Western Healthcare Alliance (WHA) has been bringing healthcare leadership education to its members for over 10 years. We listen and respond by providing leading experts in relevant topics for today’s healthcare leader.

WHA’s Leadership Academy, focuses on different topics geared toward improving performance and motivating staff to be the best they can be. Courses are based on member feedback and suggestions.

Who should attend? Newly appointed managers or existing managers with leadership/performance goals, individuals with a demonstrated long-term commitment to their organization, individuals with high potential for future leadership roles, and existing managers looking to hone their skills or re-energize their role in the workplace. Featuring full-day in-person courses, online courses, and organization-specific custom courses with world-class facilitators, WHA’s Leadership Academy is guaranteed to take your leadership skills to the next level.

Reach out today for more information or to schedule a custom course.


Bobbie Orchard
Marketing & Program Development Director

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Network Consulting

Helping health networks thrive with Western Healthcare Alliance.

As the healthcare industry evolves, the relationships between organizations are critical to the well being of their communities.  Independent and system-affiliated hospitals and healthcare providers who understand the importance of solid partnerships look to collaborate in new and creative ways.  Networks of formal collaboration are often considered as a potential solution in a regional geographic area.  What will that look like, what are the potential legal and governance structures, and what is fair and equitable participation?

WHA has been helping healthcare executives explore and answer these questions for more than 25 years.  Contact us to find out if we might be able to help you too.


Angelina Salazar
Chief Executive Officer

Peer Networks

WHA members collaborating for solutions.

As healthcare leaders, who do you turn to when you need help, advice or just want to kick around some new ideas? Who do you ask about experiences with a particular vendor or consultant? It’s important to realize that you are not alone in the obstacles you face on a day-to-day basis.

Western Healthcare Alliance’s (WHA) Peer Networks provide a circle of peers with whom you can share ideas, experiences, fears, concerns, successes, and much more. Members feel safe to express themselves in a safe environment where they are not judged, and peers are there to support each other. Made up of peers just like you, your peer network consists of others in your role who can relate to your situation.

WHA’s Peer Networks also offer a platform to create solutions and programs that can help your organization save money and improve efficiencies. You don’t have to sift through everything on your own, your peers are here to help!

Reach out today to learn more about our Peer Networks.

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Pilar Mank
Administrative Director of Operations & Member Support
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Peer to Peer Connection

Welcome to WHA’s Peer to Peer Connection (P2P) program. P2P is a mentorship program for leaders within their professional fields. We have many experienced and knowledgeable leaders that can assist up-and-coming leaders within our WHA membership.

WHA members have been supporting each other for over 30 years and are some of the most innovative and resilient people in healthcare. This program allows members to share their expertise and wisdom with those wanting to advance without paying huge sums of money.

P2P is a six-month commitment for the mentor and mentee. The mentee will be matched with a mentor in their field. Each month the mentor and mentee will meet for 30 minutes.


  • Be a WHA experienced leader.
  • Meet with mentee once a month for at least 30 minutes.
  • Be available during the month for email communication.
  • Keep all conversations and communication confidential.
  • Use active listening and coaching skills to provide clear feedback.
  • Meet with Pilar Mank twice during the six months.


  • Be a WHA member.
  • Meet with mentor once a month for at least 30 minutes.
  • Be respectful of mentor’s time.
  • Be motivated and willing to learn.
  • Take responsibility for creating the agenda for each meeting.
  • Meet with Pilar Mank once per month.

Mentee Application

Fact Sheet

Point of Service Collections Training

We understand that most employees work at your hospital to help your patients.  They may not feel comfortable collecting money, and many staff haven’t had adequate training to do so.  How can you get your team excited about this effort?  Point of service collections is not optional—it’s the new standard.  Therefore, it’s critical to align your processes and policies to back up your message.

We can help you establish a hardwired culture around upfront collections.  We can help you train your staff to think about point-of-service collections as more than just collecting payment; it’s about educating the patient.

As we move into an era of increased price transparency, your patients are shopping for their healthcare services.  We can ensure you provide a timely, accurate estimate to patients to position your organization now and into the future.


Pilar Mank
Administrative Director of Operations & Member Support
Email Pilar

Wisdom in Practice

This program is built for those who want develop professionally and move into an administrative role/C-Suite position. We know there are traditional courses you can take but might not get the soft skills needed to advance. Our new mentor program matches seasoned WHA C-suite members (CEO, CFO, CNO, VP, etc.) with staff members from other organizations to help them advance their skill set.

WHA members have been supporting each other for over 30 years and are some of the most innovative and resilient people in healthcare. This program allows members to share their expertise and wisdom with those wanting to advance without paying huge sums of money.

The WIP program will run for a full year, beginning in March of each year. There is no fee for mentors to participate in the program. Mentees each pay $200 per year to participate.

  • Success is determined by goals set by mentee
    with mentor
  • Meeting via Zoom is encouraged
  • Chew and Chat sessions are to discuss leadership challenges with fellow peers

Mentee Application

Fact Sheet

Peer to Peer Connection Application

Peer to Peer Connection

Wisdom in Practice Application

Wisdom in Practice Application