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Governance & Strategy Solutions for Rural Healthcare

governWell is a leading source for valuable educational programs, BoardBRIEFs, articles, and customizable resources that will enable your board to advance its knowledge, skills, structure, practices and capacity for success in today’s increasingly challenging environment.


Barbara Lorsbach

Fact Sheet

Education & Resources

Everything You Need to Advance Your Board’s Knowledge, Skills, Structure, and Capacity for Success

Western Healthcare Alliance (WHA) partners with governWell, a leading source for valuable educational programs, expert advisory services, strategy development, custom self-assessments and model governance resources that enable your board to advance its knowledge, skills, structure, practices, and capacity for success in today’s challenging environment.

governWell is passionate about supporting rural healthcare boards as you lead, serve, and carry out your vital governance responsibilities. Their trusted resources and assessments, combined with consultations with experienced advisors, result in greater success in governance performance and leadership development.

Knowledge Resources for Governing Effectiveness

governWell Services for WHA Members:

  • Comprehensive On-demand Board Education Through the Essentials for Governance Excellence Program
  • In-boardroom Virtual Education & Governance Advisor Services
  • Board Assessment & Leadership Development
  • Board Retreat Facilitation & Strategy Development

Governance Topics:

  • Governance Excellence
  • Strategic Leadership
  • Trustee Education
  • Board Roles & Responsibilities
  • Board Orientation
  • Board-CEO Relationships
  • Healthcare Terms & Abbreviations
  • Governance Practices Modules

governWell Essentials for Governance Excellence Program is a comprehensive yet easy to use package of governance resources and board education. The program includes nine issue areas and eleven modules that provide everything needed to advance your board’s knowledge, skills, structure, practices, and capacity for success. There are over 125 governance knowledge-building educational programs including on-demand videos, webinars, written BoardBriefs and model governance resources that can be customized to meet your organization’s unique needs. Collaborating governance experts offer a unique set of governance, education and strategy guidance to assist rural healthcare boards as they lead services in their communities.

11 Essentials for Governing Excellence

A comprehensive set of educational resources that will add new knowledge for your board.

Set standards that will help prevent problems and manage risk exposure.

Make the most of high-value time spent in retreats.

Assess the wisdom of strategic affiliation.

Align board experience, expertise, and diversity with your leadership needs.

Empower greater governance effectiveness.

Plan ahead for smooth leadership transitions.

Measuring your organization’s performance is essential to success.

Build a strong foundation for new trustee success.

Discover your board’s “governance gaps” and drive “governance gain.”

A comprehensive checklist of governance leading practices and ways to enhance board performance.

governWell’s talented advisors are dedicated to strengthening rural organizational capabilities. Specializing in board education, custom governance assessments, retreat facilitation, strategy development and leadership coaching, each advisor has over 30 years of experience. Specific areas of expertise include setting strategic direction, governance best practices, optimizing management and board relationships, community and population health, and the board’s leadership role in ensuring excellent quality, safety, and high reliability in patient care.

WHA’s governWell Advisors

Todd Linden, MA, FACHE
Partner, Linden Consulting Inc.
Specializing in board education, strategy development, retreat facilitation, & board chair & senior leadership coaching.

Barbara Lorsbach, MBA, LFACHE
President, governWell
Specializing in board education, governance best practices, custom board self-assessments, community health improvement, & board orientation programs.

WHA members have access to a dedicated governWell portal with additional resources and information.

Reach out to governWell today to see how they can help you with your board governance needs.


Barbara Lorsbach

Fact Sheet