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Practical Governance Group

Practical Governance Group (PGG) consists of a team of award-winning healthcare consultants and academicians who partner with healthcare boards to identify opportunities for continual improvement. Since no two organizations are alike, they offer practical, real-world solutions and best practices through education, training, research and problem solving. PGG also owns The Chairman’s Society, an organization devoted to the training of healthcare board chairs.

Education & Resources

Governance Consulting

We all know working with volunteer boards in small communities can be challenging for hospital CEOs and their teams. Educating your boards can be a difficult process without outside help. WHA’s partner, Practical Governance Group (PGG) is your solution.

With committed, down-to-earth, experienced experts, PGG is your one-stop-shop for educating, training, advancing and developing your rural board. Contact them today for practical insight and solutions

Governance Checkup

Just as our bodies benefit from routine diagnostic reviews, so do boards. In this checkup, PGG assesses the body charged with governance. This evaluation gauges everything from board infrastructure to operations and is ideal to ensure your board is functioning at an optimal level.

Other services offered by Practical Governance Group:

  • Customized Presentations
  • Board Retreats
  • Board Self-evaluations
  • Workshops
  • CEO Succession Planning
  • Implementation of CEO Performance Appraisal Process
  • Governance and Executive Committee Support

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Larry Tyler
Chairman & CEO
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