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Attack surfaces have never been more exposed, now is the time to strengthen your security posture.

WHA understands how hard it can be for you to manage your organization’s IT security. The constant barrage of new threats can be overwhelming. WHA’s partner, Lewan Technology (a Xerox Company) provides members with the security assessments needed to keep your organization safe at a price you can afford. Lewan is both HIPAA compliant as well as SOC2 Type II compliant.

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IT Assessments & Incident Response Strategies

External Vulnerability Assessment will check for any holes in your network that attackers may take advantage of from the internet.

Firewall Assessment will check your Firewall architecture and ensure rules are set up to comply with best practices. They will also scan your Firewall from the internet to check for any known vulnerable exposed ports of service.

Internet Intelligence Assessment will review openly available information about your organization and employees and check for hacks.

Internet Vulnerability Assessment will check for any holes that attackers may take advantage of if they gained access to your internal network.

Wireless Assessment will check if your wireless infrastructure is breakable or can be used to gain access to closed systems.

Does your organization have an incident response team in place if cybersecurity breach occurs? If not, Lewan can help! How you respond to a confirmed security incident can have a lot to do with your organization’s survival. They can help you with:

– Scoping
– Analysis, Investigation & Containment
– Eradication & Recovery
– Forensics
– Lessons Learned

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