Connie Mack, MA

Connie Mack became the Executive Director for WHA's Community Care Alliance (CCA) in January 2017.  She comes to CCA from Community Hospital in Grand Junction, CO, where she was the Vice President of Business Development. As a senior leader at Community Hospital, Connie was responsible for business relations, physician relations and recruitment, health promotion and coaching, employee wellness, and the retail pharmacies. During her most recent years at Community, Connie was instrumental in developing direct partnerships with employer groups to explore innovative ways to deliver healthcare with the goal of achieving long-term population health management that reduces healthcare costs and improve health outcomes.

Connie’s qualifications and experience are in perfect alignment with the mission of the CCA.  She holds a BS in Exercise Science and Nutrition and a MA in Health Promotion and Behavior. As Executive Director, she will continue to support CCA’s two Accountable Care Organizations by focusing on data analytics integration and fostering the shift from volume- to value-based care delivery.  Beyond the ACOs, she will work to develop creative partnerships and innovative solutions for area employers. She will also work with payers, providers and members to examine and implement value-based reimbursement models to keep care local, focus on best practices, respond to healthcare reform, and promote independence and overall community economic sustainability.