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Employer Representatives

During the last 30 years, Employer Representative, Inc. (ERI) has developed and refined strategies that allow clients to effectively control unemployment compensation costs.  These proven strategies enable ERI to reduce the amount of benefits paid to former employees and make certain that only those who qualify for benefits can collect.  What’s more, ERI relieves members of the time-consuming paperwork required to process claims.

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Unemployment Cost Management

We know how overwhelming it can be to control unemployment
compensation costs. HR professionals must take extremely quick, accurate and intelligent action when responding to UI claims. Your hospital must pay
unemployment taxes because it’s the law. However, you may be
paying more than necessary. By failing to carefully monitor accounts,
and by allowing unqualified individuals to collect benefits, most
hospitals are losing money.

Western Healthcare Alliance (WHA) members can control costs with ERI through their effective management of your unemployment claims and assistance in training your managers. They also continually monitor your accounts to make sure you’re paying only what you owe.

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